SGS Collaborates with Minalyze AB to Provide Continuous XRF-based Core Scanning Service

SGS announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Minalyze AB to provide near real-time geochemical based analysis on drill core through the Minalyzer CS scanner. The Minalyzer CS scanner generates a variety of data including continuous chemical XRF analysis, core photography, specific gravity estimation, rock quality designation and digital structural logging, assisting clients to make real-time decisions relating to drilling and exploration activities.

Clients can expect this collaboration to increase efficiency, optimize exploration spend and improve speed of development of geological resources. Combining the strengths of the Minalyzer CS technology with SGS’s extensive geochemical expertise and stringent QA/QC protocols, provides our clients with the high quality, multi-element XRF scanning data that facilitates proactive and dynamic changes to be applied to project development. Whilst the first unit will be deployed at SGS’s Perth Airport laboratory, the technology is designed for ease-of field deployment, where it can support near real-time decision making, and this application is where SGS and Minalyze will be focusing their collaboration.

“SGS is committed to providing analytical procedures that yield meaningful, reliable data – ultimately enabling mining organizations around the world to make better informed decisions and to support quicker time-to-market through increased speed and accuracy of results,” said Derick Govender, Executive Vice President, Minerals at SGS. “This collaboration is the first step in creating a valuable package of core and field-based analytical services for those performing exploration that will deliver trusted data, progress projects and exceed stakeholder’s expectations.”

“The instrument robustness and analytical accuracy for the Minalyzer CS has been heavily tested and verified through on-site projects in harsh environments over the last four years in Sweden and Australia. SGS’s commitment with our collaboration will enable expansion to new markets adding higher value to project development from the data generated by the Minalyzer CS instrument,” said Annelie Lundström, CEO Minalyze AB. “The industry will benefit fast and reliable data, which will be accomplished by combining the Minalyzer CS and SGS’s proven understanding of near real-time data reliability.”

SGS is the global leader in the geochemical laboratory analytical testing sector with over 150 geochemical laboratories in 40 countries and this collaboration reflects a commitment to servicing the mining and smelting industries throughout the entire value chain. SGS operates on-site and near-site laboratories in some of the most remote locations in the world, regardless of the climate, the altitude, the logistics or the sample volume. Whether requirements are at the mine site or in metal smelting and refining plants, SGS has the experience, technical solutions and laboratory professionals to help clients maximize value from their operations and reach their goals efficiently and effectively.

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For more information, please contact:

Derick Govender
Executive Vice President, Minerals
t: +41 22 739 91 11

Annelie Lundström
CEO, Minalyze AB
t: +46 702 41 69 19

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