On site, real time data

Automated Consistent Workflow

Scanning direct in trays

Minimum preparation is needed to scan core trays with the Minalyzer. The Minalyzer scans cores directly in their trays and is in-different about the type of trays (e.g wooden, plastic, metal etc) and will scan core up to PQ in size. The Minalyzer also has the capacity to scan chip trays, pellets and pulps

high-resolution photography

High-resolution photography of core is consistently acquired and automatically managed in the Minalyzer. Provides a documentation prepared for the future and an ease of mind. Saves time on routine core photography and data management tasks.


The topography scan in the Minalyzer generates a 3D model of the core and tray which constitutes the foundation for the following XRF scan. In bonus, several valuable datasets are generated from the topography scan.


Artificial intelligence applied on the topography model automatically generates the optimal scanning paths for fast and accurate data acquisition.


Fast and continuous XRF scanning non-destructively generates high resolution analysis along the full core length. Receive more assay data while reducing sample preparation and logistics, without increasing the assay budget.


Data extracted from the Minalyzer is presented in a web based cloud software provides an enhanced experience.

With the Minalogger cloud software for visualization of data generated by the Minalyzer released 2018, Minalyze has once again presented a disruptive solution to the industry. What will come next?

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