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Geolytical Core Scanner

This is Minalyzer CS

Minalyze develops and produces advanced analytical instruments for geological data acquisition and related software for data visualization. Development and production of instruments and software are made in Sweden.


Pioneering the mining industry by shaping tomorrow’s exploration process.

On site, real time data

Automated consistent workflow

Scanning direct in trays

The Minalyzer is capable of scanning cores directly in core trays and can handle trays in different material e.g. wood, plastic, metal, carbon etc. Core sizes up to PQ can be scanned.

high-resolution photography

High-resolution photography of core is consistently acquired and automatically managed in the Minalyzer. Provides a documentation prepared for the future and an ease of mind. Saves time on routine core photography and data management tasks.


The topography scan in the Minalyzer generates a 3D model of the core and tray which constitutes the foundation for the following XRF scan. In bonus, several valuable datasets are generated from the topography scan.


Artificial intelligence applied on the topography model automatically generates the optimal scanning paths for fast and accurate data acquisition.


Fast and continuous XRF scanning non-destructively generates high resolution analysis along the full core length. Receive more assay data while reducing sample preparation and logistics, without increasing the assay budget.


Data extracted from the Minalyzer is presented in a web based cloud software provides an enhanced experience.

Several datasets generated from one scan

A range of possibilities

Chemical Assays

Continuous non-destructive XRF based analysis of elements from Magnesium to Uranium on high resolution.


A resolution of 10 pixels / mm combined with consistent light condidtions, provides unmatched clarity and detail in the core images.


Point clouds of sub-millimeter precision recreates a digital representation of your core tray.

Rock Quality

Fracture frequenzy are measured as part of the workflow providing Rock Quality Designation values for any section of the scanned core.

Structural Logging

Based on core topography and imaging of oriented core, the alpha and beta angles can be derived digitally in an efficient, accurate and convenient way.

Specific Gravity

The specific gravity is generated on any interval along the scanned core through the X-SG method.

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Getting started using Minalyze


Book a 30 minutes online demonstration of the Minalyzer and Minalogger.


Request a test of up to 500 m drill core scanning at any of Minalyze global sites.


Contact Minalyze for on-site scanning solutions or purchase of instruments.

Enhance revenue

  • Faster discoveries – More and detailed information available while drilling shortens the exploration process and time to operating mine.
  • More discoveries per invested dollar – Receive critical information in real-time for optimized decision making.
  • CAPEX efficient – A service-based business model for Minalyzer CS allows you to direct investment to operations optimization and bottleneck reductions.

Reduce cost

  • Decreased risk for investments – More information earlier, provides improved decision basis.
  • Resource optimization – Benefit from short lead times and optimize the exploration process or mine operations.
  • Efficient utilization of personnel – Semi-automation of time consuming and repetitive work allows more time for qualitative assignments.

Increase efficiency

  • Analysis While Drilling – Drill program, logistics and data management can be improved, leading to wise budget utilization.
  • Remote access – Retrieve results from the scan regardless of localization. Experienced geologist team located at HQ can collaborate with field geologist.
  • Complete information – The continuous scan reveals more than what is visible to the eye providing a confident basis for efficient logging.

The latest scoops

SGS Collaborates with Minalyze AB to Provide Continuous XRF-based Core Scanning Service

SGS announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Minalyze AB to provide near real-time geochemical based analysis on drill core through the Minalyzer CS scanner.

August 1, 2018
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New contract secured for innovative drill core scanner

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has acquired an advanced analytical instrument for their Geoscience Drill Core Laboratory under a new agreement with Swedish analytical instrument developer, Minalyze AB.

May 28, 2018
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CSIRO and Minalyze in a Strategic Collaboration

The Swedish-developed Minalyzer Core Scanner technology will be available to the resources sector through CSIRO, which is the first research organization in the world with access to a Minalyzer Core Scanner in-house.

August 2, 2017
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