Every sample is unique, in order to digitize and scan the sample with high precision, a topographic model of the sample is acquired as part of the scanning process. The topographic model is utilized for guiding the scanning process but also enables for generation of several value adding data sets as well as documentation and sample visualization.

Points in the Cloud

The topographic model is stored as a point cloud, which makes it possible to get a 3D representation of the sample in a light weight yet powerful way. Each point carries color information which enables for new ways of visualizing the samples.

Sub-Millimeter Resolution

The point cloud model is of sub-millimeter resolution. With the high resolution different mechanical properties of the sample become apparent, such as dimensions, breaks and surface variation. In addition the color information makes it possible to distinguish veins and other visual features from the sample.

Case Studies

Planar Structural Measurements

The use of oriented drill core, if successful, provides a lot of detailed structural information about the geology of a project. Drillers mark the side of the drill core that either points down or up by using a special orientation device.

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