As the first iron ore mining company in the world, LKAB has implemented the continuous XRF scanner Minalyzer CS and started the automation and digitalization of their core logging workflow. By collecting data in an automated system LKAB aims at becoming more consistent and efficient in the core logging process.

LKAB and Minalyze initiated the collaboration in March 2020 when the first scanner was installed in Kiruna for a test. The focus for the test was to assess the datasets: geochemistry, high resolution images, RQD and specific gravity generated by the scanner and to determine how these datasets can assist in the core logging process.

Senior Vice President Exploration, Strategy and Business Development, Pierre Heeroma says the following about the decision to implement the Minalyzer full scale in the operations” The tests with the Minalyzer in Kiruna and the more complex Malmberget geology confirmed that this Swedish technology is disrupting the core logging process – now we have fast access to rich data as guidance when classifying the rocks, our core logging is now consistent and efficient.”

The rest of the iron ore industry should closely follow the transformation LKAB is undergoing. With the Minalyzer they have one of the more automated and digitalized core logging workflows in the world. And they are setting a new world standard for sustainable mining with the fossil-free iron ore and steel making. We are very proud to be part of LKAB’s transition into the future” says Annelie Lundström CEO Minalyze AB.

Minalyze core logging