Rock Quality Designation

Semi-Automatic RQD

Determining the Rock Quality Designation is a very time consuming task, however also a very imortant task especially regarding safety in operations underground. The Minalyzer CS aquire topograhpy information of the core which enables for semi-automatic RQD calculations on any interval, ultimately reducing the time and subjectivity when determining the RQD value.

High Efficiency

The Minalogger software automatically identifies fractures and measures the distance of the core sections i.e. the fracture frequency and the inter-fracture distance. It is possible to manually add or remove fractures as well as adding more information important for the Q-base system such as roughness and hardness. The Minalogger also keep track of distance markers and core loss which makes it possible to automatically align the data accordingly. Overall this makes the measurement task more efficient and less subjective, ultimately saving time and cost. The RQD data set output is a comma separated table file for easy import in common logging software.

Enhanced Analysis

Since all inter-fracture distances are measured it is now possible to enhance the analysis by introducing a Histogram on desired groups designated by inter-fracture length intervals. This is one way to utilize the extensive data set provided through Minalyze.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Since all measurements are availbale digitally it is possible to re-create exactly how the measurement was performed. This enables for instant feedback and the possibility for a second opinion review. The data set provided by Minalyze now makes it possible to quality control your RQD data as part of your quality assurance routines. Making sure that this data is accurate is paramount to a safe mine.

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