Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is an integral part of Minalyze instrument production and data delivery. Making sure that the quality of the data is consistent and reliable. The area of QA/QC extends to everyhting from instruments and hardware to software and the individual data sets.

Instrument Calibration

The Minalyzer CS is equipped with a calibration station that hosts several features to cover instrument QA/QC in an automated routine. The calibration station host a sensor for checking the X-ray beam intensity, shape and position. The X-ray detector can rapidly be calibrated using a standard sample which also enables for routine drift check of the instrument. There are height adjustable circular slots for up to ten pressed pellets which could be either standard reference materials or deposit specific material that allows for calibration of the chemical data.

Calibration station integrated in Minalyzer CS for routine drift check and calibration.

High Flexibilty

The combination of software and hardware tailor made for this application togehter with the QA/QC setup in the Minalyzer CS allows for high flexibility, making it possible to custom make the routines to fit the requirements of your project. Create an ease of mind knowing that you can be in control of your quality assurance.

Continous Improvement

Minalyze have developed QA/QC routines with regard to all the data sets that are delivered. Making sure that the data is correct at the point of scanning is essential to improve throughput and save time. There is a continous process of developing the QA/QC routines along with software and hardware to ensure that you as client get the highest quality data possible.

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