3D Model


The topography of each core tray that is scanned are acquired and stored as a point cloud models using a 3D smart sensor. The Minalyzer CS use this information primarily for positioning purposes, however the data set is very useful for a range of other tasks including measurements of core dimensions and core length, fracture frequency analysis and structural logging to mention a few.

Core tray topography scan in point cloud format.

Sub-Millimeter Resolution

The point cloud model have a resolution of 1 mm in the length axis and 0.2 mm in the width and height axis. Each point also features an intensity reading allowing for a grey scale visualization of the core tray. With this resolution different mechanical properties of the core become apparent, such as fractures, dimensions, lenghts and roughness. In addition the intensity values makes it possible to distinguish veins and other visual features from the core.

Digital Core Library

The 3D topography data set acquired by the Minalyzer CS represent an integral part of a digital core library. Next to the high resolution core photography the 3D core tray representation provide further information about the tray and the core, togehter with the other value adding data sets this becomes useful when logging core or for second opinion review. Boost the value of your project with this state of the art value adding documentation of your core.

The file format is a point cloud file ".pcd" and can be opened with several commercial, free and open source softwares. This data set is small enough to be transfered and viewed remotely.

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