Drill core scanner for chemistry, structures, density and photography for exploration and grade control. Enhancing revenue, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Minalyzer CS

Geolytical Core Scanner

Service Provider

Instruments developed by Minalyze are provided as a service to the mining and
exploration industry. The service is offered on site or at Minalyze Core Competence
Centres around the world. A Scanning project can be anything from a couple of meters
to on-going projects for years. Our services help you...

Enhance revenue

  • Faster discoveries - More and detailed information available while drilling shortens the exploration process and time to operating mine.
  • More discoveries per invested dollar - Receive critical information in real-time for optimized decision making.
  • CAPEX efficient - A service-based business model for Minalyzer CS allows you to direct investment to operations optimization and bottleneck reductions.

Reduce cost

  • Efficient utilization of personnel - Semi-automation of time consuming and repetitive work allows more time for qualitative assignments.
  • Decreased risk for investments - More information earlier, provides improved decision basis.
  • Resource optimization - Benefit from short lead times and optimize the exploration process or mine operations.

Increase efficiency

  • Analysis While Drilling - Drill program, logistics and data management can be improved, leading to wise budget utilization.
  • Remote access - Retrieve results from the scan regardless of localization. Experienced geologist team located at HQ can collaborate with field geologist.
  • Complete information - The continuous scan reveals more than what is visible to the eye providing a confident basis for efficient logging.

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